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It’s Mouthguard Season!

WHEN IT COME TO preventing sports-related dental injuries, your best offense is a great defense! A custom mouthguard made from a specialized plastic material is built to prevent you from injury by withstanding impact, absorbing and redistributing shock, and decreasing the chances of a concussion.

Over the counter “boil and bite” mouthguards provide only minimal protection due to them being uncomfortable and bulky to wear. This may make it more difficult to breathe or talk while playing your activity. With custom mouthguards the top-quality plastics are fit to each individual’s mouth making them more comfortable.

You Should Always Wear A Mouthguard

Sports such as football, hockey, wrestling and lacrosse all require mouthguards – people that play these are the least likely to come into our office with an injury because they were required to wear this appliance. The sports that don’t require mouthguards to be worn and result in many injuries each year are soccer, cheerleading and basketball. There are some other activities that one wouldn’t think to wear a mouthguard such as jumping on trampolines, riding on scooters, using pogo sticks and skateboards. It isn’t a bad idea just to pop in a mouthguard when doing any activity where one can fall, run into someone else or get hit in the face with an elbow or a ball.

Getting A Mouthguard Is Easy!

The process of getting your custom mouthguard made is pretty easy – all we have to do is take an impression (or a mold) of your teeth. We then take it to our lab where it can be customized with your favorite color or sports number. It has 2 layers of plastic for increased protection. For less money then you may have spent on sports apparel and equipment this year we can provide you with a custom mouthguard that protects your beautiful smile that fits you and your budget.We are running a “Back to School” special on mouthguards (Only from September 2nd-September 5th 2014)– this way you can have them all set and ready to go once your fall sports start up. Call us today @ 424-6400 to book your appointment for your custom mouthguard for just $65!! Protect your smile, preserve your investment!


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