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February Is National Dental Health Month

FEBRUARY IS NATIONAL CHILDREN’S DENTAL HEALTH MONTH. Throughout the entire month, Kaufman Orthodontics attends schools in the Rochester, New York area to relay an important message to students as well as parents and teachers.

This Month, We Focus On Teaching Students Throughout Our Community

We give a presentation to deliver our message which covers everything from oral hygiene and nutrition, to safety and all aspects of dentistry relevant to proper care for children’s oral health. We also extensively go over what a child can expect at a dental visit.

This Year, We Will Educate Over 1000 Students

The outreach of Kaufman Orthodontics has stretched throughout our community for over 15 years. This year we are expanding our coverage and will be educating over 1000 students in 10 schools.

Each year our program gets bigger, better and has a stronger reach in our community. Since February started, our team has been splitting up into groups of two and visiting our schools on each Friday of the month. We deliver a full one-hour presentation to each group and talk to as many as 5 classes per day.

Educating Our Community Is Very Important To Us

We are able to extend our knowledge and experience to our surrounding schools and educate families on the importance of proper oral health procedures for children. We flourish in easing children’s fears and anxieties about visiting the dentist, while reinforcing the importance of good oral hygiene that must start at a young age.

Dr. Kaufman Adds…

“The school program is very important with the way that my team and I can give back to the community.”

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you and your families this February.

Let’s make National Dental Health Month a success in educating our community about proper oral health that will last a lifetime.


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